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Bruce Pellegrin
c/o Michael Pellegrin, 4375 d'Orleans
Montreal QC
H1X 2K1
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The Rev. Dr. Victor Bruce Holker Pellegrin, PhD, has been painting since the age of six when he lived in British Columbia. Bruce was trained and mentored by renowned artist Peggy Packard, and inspired by the interpretations of colour and light by artists in the Group of Seven, Emily Carr in later years, and the Canadian Naturalists.

Himself a minister in the Anglican church, Bruce’s art is an expression of the sacredness of life and the presence of spirituality in everyday surroundings. Though the vast body of his work has focused on Canadian landscapes, often in the Maritimes, Bruce has done considerable work in iconography and historically themed works. Bruce’s art can be seen in the Atlantic School of Theology, St. Croix and Saint James Churches in Hants County, Christ Church in Dartmouth, and St. John's Anglican Church and the Cathedral Church of All Saints, in Halifax.

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Diane Porter
425 Patton Rd
Upper Sackville NS
B4E 3B7
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Diane Porter lives in Upper Sackville, Nova Scotia. She paints in acrylic, incorporating texture into many of her pieces. Nova Scotia offers a rich tapestry of scenes and Diane enjoys capturing that in her art.
Annually she paints and donates to "Nova Scotia Mosaic for Mental Health" fundraiser at The Craig Gallery in Dartmouth. Besides acrylic she also enjoys watercolour.

Tacha Reed
6075 Highway 1
Ellershouse NS
B0N 1L0
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Tacha is devoted to up-cycling in all its infinite forms. This desire to make what was old new again led to her creation of a line of felted critters and 3-D wall hangings crafted from natural and re-purposed materials. Woodland Wool critters are available at Put Me On in Halifax, Dots and Loops in Lunenburg and Johnny Ruth in St John's Newfoundland.

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Elizabeth Robinson
150 Underwood Rd, RR 1 Garlands Crossing
Windsor NS
B0N 2T0
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Liz finds total solace in painting, yet a wonderful sense of adventure in starting each new piece. She works mostly with acrylic on canvas. Her preferences are nautical scenes and landscapes, but recently has begun painting portraits. This has given her a chance to really see where her painting can take her, and she’s loving it!

, Red Barn,
Ruth Ross
Box 583 (23 Avon St.)
Hantsport NS
B0P 1P0
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Christene Sandeson
734 Kennedy Rd
Brookfield NS
B0N 1C0
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Artist Statement:

I mostly create acrylic-on-canvas paintings but have experimented with many media. The timelessness of our human journey interests me and I am inspired by “Life truths”. My images often contain figures such as aquatic and four-legged creatures as well as lines, shapes and textures set into an imaginary landscape. Whether a portrait or a forest, the subject is usually attached to an idea about living and the elements are interconnected in a somewhat surreal way which I try to connect with imagination and emotion.

Over the years I have explored a range of styles, and these changes reflect both my artistic growth and my evolving reasons for creating art. You will notice this range if you view my work on I want to create art that is relevant to me and to focus upon what is valuable. I would be thrilled if you took the time to view my art, and can be reached at

Artist Biography

Through my childhood and adolescence I enjoyed drawing animals, people, landscapes and maps, and after my formal education (B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.), I continued to find satisfaction with pen, paint, and stone, and to experiment with the concepts these media suggested.

While raising my family I worked with various artists on projects and exhibited this work in regional public galleries including Mount St. Vincent University, Atlantic School of Theology, the former Dartmouth Heritage Museum, and private galleries in Amherst, Wolfville, and Truro. This included being co-owner of “Signatures Gallery of Fine Art”, 47 Inglis Street, Truro, N.S., which was destroyed by fire in 1984.

My history includes that of being an educator as well as being an artist. I taught Art in various institutions one or two days a week over a 20 year period: the Nova Scotia Teacher’s College, the Institute for Early Childhood Education, and, Correction Service Canada. I implemented numerous art workshops and produced televised Art Education programming through Eastlink Cable TV.

From 1999 - 2013 I focused on teaching Art and both developed and implemented Visual Art and Art History curricula for grades 9 – 12 at South Colchester Academy with the Chignecto Central Regional School Board, Visual Art 10 & 11 with the Provincial Virtual High School, and assisted with refining and piloting the N.S. Dept. of Ed. Art Education Draft Document for Senior High. While this meant stepping away from the painting studio, it allowed me to broaden my knowledge in presenting art processes and art history, and to interact with a diverse range of people. I enjoyed all of this interaction, and retired from the Public School System in June 2013..

In addition to reconnecting with my studio practise, I currently co-teach painting to a group of interested learners at the Douglas Street Recreational Centre in Truro and present Visual Art History and Design lectures with the Seniors College Association of Nova Scotia. Thank you for allowing me to share my work with you. ~ Christene Sandeson, 2016

North Mountain United Tapestry
3201 Long Point Rd
Harbourville NS
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The North Mountain Artisan's Guild is gearing up for its second season.
The North Mountain United Tapestry invites visual artists, fibre artists, potters, crafters, authors and more to join the North Mountain Artisan's Guild.
This year will feature many items created by 17 of our local artisans.
New this year, we have extended our open hours.
The Pantry Coffee and eco-museum will be open:
June on Saturdays 9-5
July and August Fridays 1-7, Saturdays 9-5 and Sundays 1-5
Sept and Oct. Saturdays 9-5

Stuart Taylor
801 Cogmagun Rd
Ctr. Burlington NS
B0N 1E0
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Stuart is a juried member of NSDCC. His studio is open year round by chance or appointment.
Stuart is a Nova Scotian native who has been turning for twenty years.

Jonathan Charles Trenholm
74 Avondale Road
RR2 Newport NS NS
B0N 2A0
Art Type:

Digital Paintings and Photography

Charles is an exchange soul and in 1997 began a spiritual quest. He left his government job of 19 years and opened a wellness clinic in Cole Harbour Nova Scotia. This quest became his constant companion. In 2002, Charles followed his search further leaving friends, students, and home, and moved to Newport Landing, Nova Scotia.

After 15 years on his spiritual quest, Charles settled down and began teaching tai chi and qigong again after a ten-year hiatus. Along with these wellness arts, Charles developed a love for photography.

In the summer of 2016, Charles took part in a painting workshop at the local museum. This experience elevated his passion for photography a step further. By combining digital art tools with photography, Charles created his own painting expressions using unusual combinations of colours and affects.

Jackie Trimper
374 West Brooklyn Rd
Wolfville NS
B4P 2R3
Art Type:

I began quilting in 2000 and quickly became interested in creating quilt art. Although I still work on bed quilts, smaller quilt art projects provide an opportunity for exercising my need for creativity and using many different textiles and fibres, as well as beading, fabric painting and mixed media techniques.
In 2008 I also started creating Sea Glass Mosaic Art. I think it fair to say that since that time sea glass and creating mosaics with sea glass has become an obsession. I have recently completed a book about sea glass art titled “Windows to the Past - Creating Sea Glass Mosaic Art”.

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